If you want your hair to have that salon-quality look and feel, you have got to use salon-quality products as part of your daily hair care routine.

We have scoured the world for what we believe are the very best around.

Check out the ranges we stock below:

Hair Care Products

ME Hair Care Products

ME is a bespoke range of hair products representing the ethics of the Migele Experience salon.

They have been formulated by working closely with a leading UK laboratory who have collaborated with hairdressers to deliver the best performance with the highest quality, naturally derived ingredients.

All products are cruelty -free, vegan-friendly, palm oil free, sulfate-free, mineral oil-free, SLS free and paraben free.

They are packaged in strong glass bottles with pumps for ease of use.

Migele Hair Care Products
B Products

Bumble and Bumble

Bumble and bumble began as a New York City salon in 1977, where Bumble and bumble hairdressers clipped, coloured and styled their way into prominence in magazines, on runways, and backstage around the world.

The brand is inspired by masters of the craft hair stylists and colourists who are obsessed with technical and artistic excellence through bold self-expression. Bumble and bumble invents products to meet these professionals’ exacting standards that are also easy enough for anyone to use.

From the iconic, wave enhancing Surf Spray to the bestselling, mega moisturizing Hairdresser’s Invisible Oil range, these well-loved products are used by the pros in Bumble and bumble salons and by millions of people around the world at home every day.

Bumble and bumble create products for all hair types, textures, and styles with uncompromising quality to instantly elevate your personal style with an effortlessly modern look. Bumble and bumble is deeply, passionately, and fearlessly dedicated to the craft of hair.’


In a world in which hair routine was purely about hygiene, Kérastase invented care for hair in 1964. Since then, the company has been offering women and men the best of professional haircare.

Their philosophy and approach has inspired us at Migele to take the whole hair styling experience to the next level with a revolutionary mindset and quest for quality.

“We don’t just wash hair, we bathe it. We don’t just treat hair, we transform it. We don’t just smooth frizz, we unleash possibilities. Because it’s more than hair, it’s you.”

Showpony Hair Extensions Fife


It’s no longer just about length and volume.

If you are experiencing hair loss, thinning or struggling to grow your hair for one of many reasons, you’re not alone.

Hair extensions are suitable for clients of all ages and all styles, long or short.

Designed for all hair types, Showpony hair extensions can help to fill in gaps, add thickness, and create chemical-free colour and highlights without the damage.

Have unstoppable confidence with the hair you’ve always wanted.

And now available from our specialist Showpony-trained stylists here at Migele.

For a no obligation consultation with one of our extension specialists, give us a call on 01592 201212.

Show Pony


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