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Keep Your Life Colourful Between Appointments

Don’t fade away! There’s plenty you can do to keep your colour fresh and vibrant until you’re back in the salon again, says L’Oréal colour expert Michelle.

Some like it hot…

But your coloured hair won’t. Always use lukewarm water when rinsing it through – anything hotter may leave your hair dry and dull. And always go for sulphate-free shampoos which are less drying.

Hairdryer heat is another enemy of coloured hair. When possible, let it dry naturally.

We’ve some brilliant at-home products to help protect your hair when washing. I love Windle Lab, all their shampoos are sulphate, silicon and paraben free. Or ask your stylist about Kerastase Blond Absolu or Chroma Captive depending on whether you’re blonde or darker, says our Senior Designer Paula.

And to make it look great even without the help of a hairdryer try our Bumble and Bumble Don’t Blow It or the brand NEW range from Kerastase, Curl Manifesto.

‘We also have heat protectants such as Kerastase Thermique for those days when you just have to use a hairdryer,’ adds Paula.

Keep in trim…

A simple maintenance cut to fortify the ends between colour appointments will keep your hair in tip-top condition (and you’ll look amazing) and will give the best possible results when you next have it coloured.

Book for a maintenance cut now if you’re between colour appointments. Just call us, book online or on 01592-201212 and one of our friendly booking team will help you.
Blonde ambition…

Ditch the dull and brassy and keep the fabulous with some of our home-use colour revival products designed specifically for between salon visits. Ask us about blonde revival products in Kerastase, Serie Expert and Bumble.

‘Don’t use them straight away between salon visits, only when the brassiness starts to appear and limit to once a week or as needed,’ explains Michelle.

Get back to your roots…

Don’t despair when your roots start coming through. You can try root touch-up sprays that won’t damage your hair and wash out with one shampoo.

We’re really happy to give advice about rescuing your roots between colour appointments.

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