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Whether abroad or at home, the Sun can do untold damage to your Hair.  I like to remind my salon guests that ‘AS YOUR SKIN GOES DARKER – YOUR HAIR GETS’ LIGHTER’ and just as darker skin is a sign of SKIN DAMAGE, sun lightened hair is also a sign of hair damage! So this should make you think twice if you’re planning to have darker or warmer pieces added as the SUN, SEA & CHLORINE will quite simply lift the colour out causing ‘fade & brassiness’ (AND in a very short time)!

As an alternative, consider some LIGHTER ‘balayage’ to frame your face and give a natural sun-kissed look.


SWIMMING POOLS OR SEA, both salt and chlorine are hair enemies! Help is at hand with PROTECTIVE PRODUCTS.

We have some really effective products within our in-salon top brand names.  BUMBLE & BUMBLE – ‘Invisible oil family’, all of which contain UV filters.  Also recommended is the exclusive Windle & Moodie range which also has specific protective products.


Although we automatically consider moisture and nourishment as beneficial, ‘strength‘ is what our sun-damaged locks really need.  Repair on an almost daily basis when on holiday or sunbathing daily.  Once you’re home, you only need to apply Masques weekly.


It makes sense to have your hair cut into shape before heading off on your break, but even more important to visit the salon soon after your return, especially if you have longer hair, to remove and Sun damaged or over-processed ends.

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