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First and foremost if you want to achieve fantastic blow-drying results, you need to have a great haircut, and your hair should be in the best condition possible.

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1. Use a powerful hairdryer. After shampooing and detangling your hair, you’re ready to go. Of course, although we have heard that old adage that a bad workman always blames his tools, looking after your hair becomes much easier if you start off with the right tools – a powerful hairdryer which is light to hold and has a long flex, should you find yourself further away from a plug point than you would prefer, and the appropriate brush for the job. (Look out for ‘choosing styling equipment for your hair’ in my future blogs). Some hairdressers use a nozzle while others prefer working without it. My personal preference is ‘with a nozzle’ especially whilst styling with a brush. I sometimes work without if removing the initial moisture but to achieve a good finish I would use a nozzle.

2. Ready for lift off – Before you even contemplate using a brush, remove excess moisture from your hair with your dryer and fingers. This gives you a more natural root lift and cuts down drying time dramatically.  Avoid ‘blasting’ the hair – it’s futile. Instead, control the hair with the fingers and rather than blasting air into the whole head causing frizz, fly-a-ways and chaotic hair. Try drying into the palm of your hand whilst you lift the hair up from roots to points. Don’t over dry, simply dry until your hair is around 60% to 80% dry then go in with the brush of your choice.

3The correct styling products– Always ensure that you apply the correct styling products for your desired result preferably one that has been recommended by your stylist and if the product doesn’t already have heat protection properties then apply a separate heat protector* especially on longer hair.

* Certain products within the Windle & Moodie and Bumble and Bumble ranges have heat-protecting properties and Kerastase has 3 different heat-protecting cremes depending on your hair type.

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