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We wouldn’t be anywhere without YOU, our fantastic clients.

That’s why we got to thinking about a NEW way to reward you for your continued loyalty.

We’ve tried the loyalty card, but you told us that they were too large for your wallet, and you were right.

That’s why we shrunk them down, but as is the case with many of us, you’d forget to bring it with you.

Then we decided to do it through our software, but this too has had its problems as it’s utterly and totally invisible. You didn’t know what was happening.

Let’s pray we’ve got it right this time.

Let me introduce you to the ‘TREAT ME’ menu. As before, you collect points and as with all loyalty programmes, the more you spend the more points you gain so if you’re a frequent visitor you’ll gain more points more quickly.

The difference now is you’ll be rewarded by cashing your points in for services. Things like a FREE blow dry or a FREE Kerastase Fusio dose and there’s more.


This menu will develop in time as we offer new products and services, but let’s get started now.